curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

friends till the end or just till you say so????

Nothing bothers me more than not being friends with someone I was really close to. I understand people change and can grow apart but not to the point you could careless about me or what goes on in my life. ( Christ all mighty on a Trike, I wish I could say I felt the same.) What bothers me most is when someone is brain washed not to talk to me.. really? Grow a pair of balls. Your not a child and you can make your own choices. A rare few that broke off  a friendship with me have came back and said wow Rachel you were right I messed up.***DING DING DING *** You win a prize and the prize is having your douche bag club membership revoked! I don't want the whole wide world to love me, but when I go out of my way to care I would at least like a sliver of thought in return.So stop being a big nasty infected vagina and be my friend damn it!, 'cause I'm pretty flipping awesome.

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