curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out of left field...

this little blog id going to seem a bit out of place, and it is, because I'm only meant for meaningful blogs to be posted up on this site, but facebook is being a silly hooker and I'm putting it up here :)

Ladies you know when its that special time in your life, that time when your cramped and none of your jeans fit, when you want to punch every one in the face, run down the candy isle and throw down a party size bag of M & Ms? Well sure you do( if you have a vagina anyways) well today I was going to pick up the goods for my visit from aunt flow. So I cruse down the the lady land Isle and some big fat creeper is on his cell phone texting away while leaning against the rack of plugs...
 As push my cart closer, captain chub is still parked in the same spot, so I try to go around him and clip an end cap with the front of my cart and knock down about  20 packs of eye liner.. I know he can hear me grumbling as Im picking them up from the floor, pissing and moaning about my back hurting.. he does nothing to help, but continues to text away.. ( for those that know me even on my VERY best day my fuse is short.. and when I'm having a lady moment its pretty much non existent!) After picking up everything I blurt out Geee thanks. He says nothing does not even look up from his stupid damn phone... I need my tampons... and this dumb shit wont move.. thats it... I clear my throat to get his attention... FINALLY he looks up at me, I have my hands on my hips and the WTF face on.. he looks at me with the dumbest most confused facial expression I have ever seen, and says "what?" so... I let him know.. " What, well for one your in my way." he takes about 4 steps well waddles away and get right back on the phone... I lose it and say What kind of freak text by the Tampons? He mumbles to me "how rude" I reply go cry about it stay puffed marshmallow man... and then he slowly waddled away.

the moral of this story is do NOT get in the way of a chick who is MAJORLY and her Tampons....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My better half

I think its time to gush about my better half, the man who makes me smile even on my darkest days. Ryan and I have been together for about 5 years now. Each and every day with Ryan is a blessing. He makes me laugh until I have tears in my eyes, he is the funniest person I know. I love him with all of my heart, I have never knew such love. The kind of love when you screw up, that person still loves you, and sees you for you and not your flaws. Ryan knows me, everything about me, things no other person knows, he knows the big things and all the little things, and knows to me the little stuff makes the big stuff, (like I would rather have 10 minutes of holding hands than a pair of ear rings) I love him. Nothing is better than waking up beside him. He is my best friend, the love of my life, the father of my child, my one and only, my soul mate. Ryan has made me a better person, I am so grateful to have such an amazing man in my life. who am I to be so lucky? Ryan, honey you are my world, I love you.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The art of a Melancholy Monday

I feel like a three legged dog wildly chasing after its tail, getting all worked up while getting nowhere,and becoming both tiered and dizzy from it. I now sit and wait asking myself what to do now, what more can I do. While trying to fix the main problem I am causing other smaller problems mainly stepping on the toes of the people I am so very close to, somethings got to give. I never thought that the days fallowing a car accident would be even more stressful that the day of the car accident its self! All of the paper work, the phone calls, the doctor visits, the body pain, the head aches, and the pointless waiting are taking quite a toll. I was not even at fault for this and this is the mess that I am dealing with. I am ready to have this done with, Its getting so annoying to say the very least. I am doing my best to keep my head up.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Go me!!!

:) a few days ago I read about Katy Towell's Halloween in March contest, being a lover of Halloween and Katy Towell I said Oh what the hey, I will give it a try. I wrote up a little spooky poem from a ghost got my creative juices going aged some paper (my hands smelled of coffee for about 2 days afterwards) and worked on a tiny set for my photo. SNAP, then sent in the photo, and 4 days later (today being that day) I found out that my little what the hay made it all the way to second place! Winning me some arty Goodies from Ms Towell her self!
:) awesome!! Im very proud of myself and cant wait to hold in my very hands work from Katy Towell... now I just have one question... where to put it on display?......

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Silver lining

bruises are like pages on your body's scrapbook, and Memories are like pages to your lifes story. I'm learning life is only what you make it, I'm only 24 and I'm still not sure of much anything other than I know I am true to myself. I may not be a pageant queen but I know I'm beautiful and I am amazing. I don't need others to tell me that but you know it never hurts :) I will keep my head up, and I will somehow mange to find a smile, even on my darkest days.