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Monday, March 28, 2011

The art of a Melancholy Monday

I feel like a three legged dog wildly chasing after its tail, getting all worked up while getting nowhere,and becoming both tiered and dizzy from it. I now sit and wait asking myself what to do now, what more can I do. While trying to fix the main problem I am causing other smaller problems mainly stepping on the toes of the people I am so very close to, somethings got to give. I never thought that the days fallowing a car accident would be even more stressful that the day of the car accident its self! All of the paper work, the phone calls, the doctor visits, the body pain, the head aches, and the pointless waiting are taking quite a toll. I was not even at fault for this and this is the mess that I am dealing with. I am ready to have this done with, Its getting so annoying to say the very least. I am doing my best to keep my head up.

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  1. i feel you doing a good job just keep on going with the good you are doing if you need any help you know you got plenty of people who will do w.e they can do to help i love you and i hope this all is over and done soon for you and everything gets straight out quickly for you i love you