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Monday, January 24, 2011

Body Image

For the people that have known me quite a while you know about my personal struggle with weight loss and body image issues, and for the people that have not known me very long I have done horrific things in the name of weight loss. I shamefully admit to doing things that are extremely  harmful and unsafe to lose weight.My body image issues started in middle school, I never was over weight by medical standards but some how Im my mind I was a cow, I started "flirting" with bulimia. I ended up messing up the limning of my stomach in doing so, but did that stop me... nope. Once I got in to high school my thoughts of losing even more weight were almost all that I thought about, and sadly for one of my friends ( who I will not name) was all she thought of too. She told me different ways to purge. I started doing this so much my hair started to thin and I was getting sick all the time. After the end of a long relationship with a boyfriend the bulimia when into over time, Two VERY good friends started asking important questions and helped me get going in the right direction. I have been doing very well on living a healthy normal life now but I would lie if I told you those thoughts don't cross my mind here and there. Im putting this all out here because I hope to god none of you have ever done this to your self or know of anyone that has. Weight loss is not something that can be done in a few days time, it takes time and hard work, wish I had got that right years ago. Stay strong and be smart. you only get one life, make it a healthy one!

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